Account Access
Computershare maintains two separate and distinct websites based on your status as an employee/former employee or a non-employee of SAIC.

Employee Online Portal
(employees or former employees)

Investor Center

Employee Online Portal

This website is primarily used by employees or former employees to access:

  • Equity Awards: Stock Options, Restricted Stock Awards (RSA), and/or Restricted Stock Units (RSU)
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Common Stock held at the Transfer Agent only (Trust or custodial accounts should be accessed through Investor Centre).

Please note that your Employee Identifier is your Employee ID. Following the company separation, new login instructions were mailed to all employees of New SAIC and you should access the website as a New User (Activate Account). Your previous login name and password will not be valid.

Investor Center

This website is primarily used by all stockholders of record (registered stockholders) excluding employees and former employees. Employees and former employees should access information through the Employee Online Portal (see above).

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